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Commander of so-called counter-terrorism forces expects acts of terror in Aden

ADEN, Nov. 19 (YPA) – The commander of the so-called Counter-terrorism Force in the occupied province of Aden, backed by the United Arab Emirates, Yusraan al-Maqtari mocked the Saudi-led coalition and the UN Security Council use of  “counter-terrorism” in Aden, while in fact there are no signs of fighting terrorism.

Al-Maqatari sent a letter to the UN Security Council, complaining that his forces are not being supplied with food, fuel and that wounded individuals have not been treated by Saudi forces in the occupied City of Aden.

On Facebook post an hour after Hadi’s government arrived in Aden with presidential protection chief Sanad al-Rahwai, al-Maqatari wrote: “the terrorist plot surrounds Aden and the counter-terrorism forces are without allocations.”

He added:” we provide food, treatment of the wounded and oil and diesel through our own efforts.”

“We ask the Security Council to remove the word “counter-terrorism” in Aden from the speeches of all officials and supporting countries,” he said, referring to the resurgence of terrorist crimes.

Observers expect  that Aden will witness more assassinations, killings, and arrests, especially with the return of Hadi’s government and attempts by rival parties in Aden to wipe out the other’s existence.