YEMEN Press Agency

At least four civilians injured in Saudi bombing of Saada

SAADA, Sept. 12 (YPA) – At least Four citizens, including a child, were injured and several houses were damaged on Thursday when the Saudi-led aggression launched air and missile strikes on Saada province, Northern Yemen, a security official reported.

According to the official, The Saudi-led aggression warplanes carried out air strikes on the Bakil area of Razih border district, leaving a man and a woman injured, in addition to damaging citizens’ property.

The official added that a child was seriously injured, while a woman was injured too when then Saudi-led aggression targeted populated villages in Shada and Razih border district.

The Saudi bombardments also caused significant damage to citizens’ homes and property., the official added.

Moreover, the Saudi-led aggression launched an air strike on al-Jahlah area in Razih district.

Saada’s border districts are daily subjected to constant missile and artillery bombings, causing casualties and large damage to citizens’ homes and property.