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Update: Yemeni artillery forces bomb gatherings of Saudi troops, mercenaries in Jizan

JIZAN, Sept. 10 YPA) – JIZAN, Sept. 10 YPA) – The Yemeni army on Tuesday shelled gatherings of Saudi army and its mercenaries in Jizan region, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

According to the official, the artillery unit of the army bombed positions of the Saudi troops and their mercenaries in in Tewal border crossing, causing direct casualties.

Moreover, the army forces also targeted other gatherings of the mercenaries and their military mechanisms at Khashel tower, leaving deaths and injuries in their ranks.

Furthermore, Several of Saudi-led coalition mercenaries were killed and in an ambush in front of Qais mountain of the same region.

Earlier in the day, The Yemen army forces have repelled a large-scale attack of coalition-backed mercenaries Tewal border crossing.

Dozens of the mercenaries were killed and injured during repelling their attack which went from three tracks, added the official.

The mercenaries’ attack was supported with coalition’s warplanes, reconnaissance and helicopters, and lasted for hours and the mercenaries, but the mercenaries were inflicted heavy losses in lives and military equipment without achieving any progress on the ground.

The Yemeni army backed by popular committees stepped up their attacks against the Saudi army and its mercenaries on several border fronts in retaliation for committing war crimes against innocent civilians.