YEMEN Press Agency

Agriculture Ministry, security services seize forged fertilizers in Sanaa

SANAA, Aug. 27 (YPA) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, represented by the Agricultural Production Requirements Quality Control Department, in cooperation with the security authorities, on Tuesday raided a plant for forging agricultural fertilizers in Hizyaz area in Sanaa, seizing amounts of counterfeit fertilizers.

“The fertilizer falsification process is done by adding dyes to the material table salt to look like the fertilizer and then is sold to farmers by fraud,” said engineer Abdullah Masoud, general director of the agricultural production requirements quality control department at the ministry.

Masoud indicated to the negative effects and damage caused by those forged materials to plants and soil, which lead to destroying the soil and changing it into saline soil unsuitable for cultivation.

He called on traders and importers of agricultural materials and fertilizers to stay away from such practices that make them vulnerable to legal accountability.