YEMEN Press Agency

Documents reveal UAE’s support for Abu Al Abbas Brigade, 35th Armored Brigade in Taiz

TAIZ, Aug. 4 (YPA) – Documents have revealed that the 35th Armoured Brigade, led by Brigadier General Adnan al-Hammadi, has received support from the United Arab Emirates, recently receiving a number of armoured vehicles as well as dozens of military personnel, sources reported.

The documents that were obtained by Yemen Press Agency show that the 35th Armoured Brigade in Taiz province has received ammunition and protective shields from the invading coalition in Aden, which operated separately from the leadership of the Taiz forces.

The document showed a statement issued by the Support Office of the Saudi-led coalition, mentioning the shipment “miscellaneous munitions” to a person named Madin Fadl Ahmad Shaher on 29 September 2018, and another permit for the passage of a shipment of miscellaneous munitions to a person on October 2 last year.

Another document is a statement by the Joint Task Force to allow the passage of 360 bulletproof shields and 1,000 protective bags to a person named Othama Fathi Abdul Hamid.

The fourth document documents a shipment of weapons to a person named Mourad Thabet Ali on September 1, 2018, while the fifth document is a permit for the passage of a shipment of weapons to the same person on September 4.

The dispatch of these munitions from the UAE to the 35th Armoured Brigade happens without knowledge or permission by the leadership of the Taiz axis, which indicates that something is being arranged off the books between the brigade and the Emirati occupation forces in Aden.