YEMEN Press Agency

Army spokesman: Air Force carries out 60 offensive operations over 3 months

SANAA, Aug. 2 (YPA) – Armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sari said the air force has carried out 60 offensive operations during the past three months, with an average of two operations every 72 hours.

Brigadier Sari said at a press conference on Friday that the most prominent of these operations targeted the headquarters, bases and facilities of the enemy, including 16 operations on Saudi airport of Abha, 14 operations on Saudi airport of Jizan, 11 operations on Najran Saudi airport and 9 operations on the Saudi base of Khamis Mushait.
Sari added, “The operations of the Air Force during the month of July amounted to 23 operations, including 18 operations by drones’ strikes which targeted Saudi airports and military bases and achieved their objectives.”
He explained that the air force managed to achieve the objectives of military strikes on airports and bases of the enemy and inflicted the enemy heavy losses in equipment and lives in addition to losses on the economic side.

The spokesman added that the targeting of Khamis Mushait base made it paralyzed by more than 60%, forcing the enemy to evacuate the base of weapons.

He stressed that these operations revealed the size of confusion political, media, military and security of the Saudi regime and that the leadership of the armed forces is considering options to expand operations of the air force in the course of the next phase.