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UN Coordination and Redeployment Committee reaches agreement on Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, July 16 (YPA) – The UN Coordination and Redeployment Committee headed by General Michael Lollesgaard has announced that after two days of joint meetings on board a UN ship off the port of Hodeidah, it has reached important agreements on the implementation of the Swedish Agreement on Hodeidah.

“The meeting, which took place on board of a UN ship in the international waters of Hodeidah, brought together the delegations of the two parties, and agreed on the operational document for the first and second phases of the exchange of troops,” the committee said in a final statement of the meetings on Monday evening.

“The two sides agreed to activate a new mechanisms and measures to strengthen the ceasefire and truce soon,” the Tripartite Coordination Committee said in a statement.

“The technical committee’s work has been completed and we are waiting for the decision of the political leaders of both parties to proceed with the implementation,” the statement read.

However, in the final statement of its meetings, which resumed on Saturday after a 180-day hiatus, the Committee made it clear that issues remained outstanding.

“Security forces, local authority and financial resources are outstanding issues between the two parties that must be addressed politically,” the statement said.

Brigadier General Mohammed al-Qadiri, a member of the Yemeni national delegation to the Coordination Committee, explained the details of the agreement.

“New mechanisms have been agreed upon in order to stop the ceasefire in Hodeidah and end the military escalation by the other side,” he said in a statement.

“We agreed that officers would move to checkpoints in order to ease tensions, as well as to the formation of committees of the parties and the United Nations to monitor the ceasefire, and the redeployment distances of the other party were set at 50 km for armoured vehicles and 20 km for infantry forces,” he added.

“The other side (the Saudi coalition, the exiled Hadi and his government) are slowing down and trying to continue to disavow its agreements, and we have continued to make concessions and put them before the fait accompli,” he concluded.