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Griffiths says he seeks comprehensive agreement to end Yemen war

SANAA, July 11 (YPA) – UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths on Thursday said he is seeking to help reach a comprehensive political agreement that ends Yemen war, not to judge the parties or force them to implement any agreement.

Griffiths confirmed that his recent meetings in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Muscat with the concerned parties in Saudi-led coalition countries were good.

He revealed that consultations with Saudi-backed government of Hadi and the national salvation government in Sanaa would be resumed as soon as possible according to three references, without specifying a date, warning of what he called “the fall of Yemen as a hostage to regional tensions.”

The UN envoy expressed his desire to implement the Stockholm agreement urgently, but he linked that to the cooperation of Riyadh delegation, which questioned his tasks and did not implement any step of the agreement.

Asked about abandoning his UN mission if he felt stumbling, the UN envoy, who has been in the post since March 2018, confirmed that he would continue in his job as long as he had the confidence of the UN Secretary-General.

In his briefing to the Security Council, Griffiths praised the cooperation of the Salvation Government in Sanaa by reaffirming its desire to end the war and its willingness to provide facilities for UN to bring peace, including the implementation of the first phase of the redeployment plan at the ports of Hodeidah.