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High ranking official resigns due to exiled Hadi’s subordination to coalition

SANAA, July 11(YPA)- A High ranking military official loyal to the exiled Hadi on Wednesday has dropped a confession that ” the fugitive Hadi and his forces do not have any authority to make any decision and they fully dependent on Saudi-led coalition” .

Head of the Moral Guidance Department at the Ministry of Defense, Mohassn khasruf accused the coalition of deliberately prolonging the war.

He stressed that “The province of Saada is a part of the republic”, admitting of corruption of the so-called “legitimacy”.

The move came during in a telephone call with the ” the program “political file” on the fake “Yemen TV,” which broadcasts from Riyadh.

“The Saudi-led coalition does not trust Hadi and his forces,” Mohassn khasruf before announcing his resignation alive.

“We are living a real ordeal and we are completely appalled by the coalition that controls all decisions and has not trusted us on anything,” he added.

“We are dependent until this moment,” he said, accusing the coalition of deliberately prolonging the war.

“The state has not failed and the republican regime has not failed.” “The issue is not in the Yemeni people, the people are good, and they want anyone to govern them, give them project, development, services and livelihood,” he said, referring to the exiled Hadi’s failure, incapacity and corruption of his government.

He attacked the Islah petty (Brotherhood), and its quest to seize power and the army, saying: “The Yemeni Islah party is “a major lie”, adding the party is not alone, will not win and will not rule Yemen alone.”

On the other hand, the broadcaster tried to downplay the criticism of the coalition, exiled Hadi and Islah party, by asking him if the speech expresses his official character, Khasruf replied: “I speak on behalf of Mohsen Khasruf as a Yemeni citizen and consider this my resignation from the department of moral guidance.”

According to observers, these explicit and direct accusations of the coalition “reflect the narrowness of coalition loyalists over its control in the exiled hadi’s decision, his government, his forces and its leaders.

According to politicians, these criticism statements against the coalition which have been growing in recent times, by officials of the so-called “legitimacy”, are a prelude to the collapse of the latter, defections by thousands, and the falling down of all justifications for the coalition’s war and its continuation.