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UAE dismantles Giant Brigades in western coast

HODEIDAH, July 11 (YPA) – Informed military sources have revealed that the United Arab Emirates are dismantling of the so-called Giants Brigades, which consist of people from the southern provinces that are deployed in the West Coast front.

The sources explained that after exiled Saudi-backed ruler Hadi appointed Abu Zarra’a al-Maharrmy as the leader of Hodeidah military axis, the UAE forces under the supervision of its armed commander in the west coast, Ali al-Tanaiji Abu Omar, started the first steps to dismantle the brigades.

The sources confirmed that disputes broke out between al-Maharramy and Abu Omar, which led the later to accuse al-Maharramy’s Giants Brigades of corruption.

Abu Omar reported to the UAE leadership about the alleged corruption in the brigades, as a pretext to change its leader.

The sources explained that Abu Omar worked to weaken the brigades militarily by withdrawing heavy weapons such as American armour, weapons and Patriot missiles, and isolating those close to Abu Zarraa’a, as well as withdrawing a number of leaders, most notably Abdul Rahman and the so-called “Zaher” deputy of Ali Salem al-Hasani.

The UAE officer then transferred the 4th Brigade giants to Dhalea province led by Nizar al-Wajih, one of the closest leaders to Abu Zarra’a al-Maharramy.

According to the sources, the Abu Omar also arrested the media center of the Giants Brigades and changed its name to the Media Department of the Joint Forces, and also stopped the office for treatment of the wounded of the brigades, and removed its director Abdul Rahman Al-Rakimi.

They pointed out that the UAE leadership in the West Coast Front has worked to separate the militants who were enlisted earlier this year, and to stop their daily payments.

The sources continued, “Abu Zarra’a al-Maharramy was removed from the scene completely, his deputy manager and a number of officers close to him were dismissed.”

The UAE then assigned the leadership of the Giants Brigades forces to mercenary leader Tariq Afash, after the withdrawal of armoured vehicles and heavy weapons from the brigades, in preparation for dispensing with them and replacing them with what are known as the Guards of the Republic.

The sources pointed out that the UAE had continuously worked to exploit the sons of the southern provinces, especially by this coup against the leaders of the brigades.

This was revealed by a tweet posted by Tariq Afash, in which he confirmed the integration of all the militants in the west coast under one leadership, which he described as a “historic achievement.”

There has been a long-standing conflict between Saudi-backed and Emirati-backed forces in Yemen, which has translated to bouts of infighting in the West Coast frontline.