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Southern leader vows to expel the UAE occupation from southern provinces

SANAA, July 10 (YPA) – A leader in the so-called “southern resistance” on Wednesday vowed to continue the struggle against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation forces in order to expel them from the southern provinces.

Adel al-Hasani reiterated his rejection and disapproval of the decision to appoint Tariq Saleh as the commander of mercenaries on the west coast and south.

In a recorded audio circulated by several activists on social media platforms, al-Hassani apologized because he could not preserve the dignity of their martyrs’ blood and sacrifices in Aden, Lahj, Abyan and other southern provinces.

“The UAE came with gangs, militias, mercenaries and slaves and took their women hostage and then imposed them on those areas، in which martyrs sacrificed their lives for the sake of these areas,” al-Hassani said.

Al-Hassani denounced the handover of the so-called giants ‘ brigades to Tariq Afash and his appointment by the leadership of the UAE forces as commander-in-Chief of all the Allied southern military formations in the West Coast

” He had participated in the killing and shedding the blood of the Southerners,” al-Hassani added.

Al-Hassani vowed to expel the UAE occupation forces from the southern Yemeni governorates, saying: “We will proceed with the liberation of our country and drive them out of Yemen.”