YEMEN Press Agency

Mass displacement of families in Aden due to spread of sewage

ADEN, July 10 (YPA) – Local sources on Wednesday have revealed that more than 20 families have been displaced from Dar Saad district in Aden, southern Yemen.

They further confirmed that 20 families were displaced from the al-Basateen neighbourhood of Dar Saad district, due to the widespread spread of sewage swamps in the popular neighborhood.

It is clear that the exodus of these families from their homes due to the expansion of sewage swamps to their homes, which threatens their children with a health catastrophe due to the spread of mosquitoes, insects and unpleasant odors.

For more than two months, sewage has been spreading in Al-Basateen neighborhood due to a sewage rash, amid silence from local authorities.

The city of Aden is witnessing a collapse of various basic services for citizens from the rash of sewage and electricity outage with the rise of summer heat, as well as the mixing of drinking water with sewage in a number of residential neighborhoods in the city.