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Mohammed al-Houthi informs UN about requirements for resuming peace process in Yemen

SANAA, July 10 (YPA) – Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member Supreme Political Council member informed the United Nations about requirements for resuming peace process in Yemen, included halting the military escalation, lifting the blockade and halting the targeting of the Yemeni currency.

“A serious return to the real path in support of peace requires no escalation on the ground,” al-Houthi said on Twitter on Tuesday, referring to the Saudi-led coalition’s escalation in Hodeidah.

He mentioned among demands of new proof of efforts to resume the peace process to curb famine, adding, “Famine is a result of the worst humanitarian crisis made by man as an inevitable of the practices and crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggression States.”

“Famine requires the removal of restrictions and lifting the blockade that is being imposed by Saudi-led coalition against Yemeni people, not the other way around,” he said, referring to additional restrictions imposed by the Coalition on the flow of goods and oil derivatives to the port of Hodeidah.

“Resuming the targeting of currency is a new crime added to coalition’s record crimes that target every Yemeni citizen and deplete their economy,” he concluded .