YEMEN Press Agency

Citizen executed in horrible way in Aden

ADEN, July 9 (YPA) – Gunmen on Tuesday executed a citizen after kidnapping him in the city of Aden, southern Yemen.

“Gunmen from al-Saila neighborhood kidnapped Ammar Baleed al-Rukbi from al-Mahariq neighborhood of Sheikh Othman district, as he passed in the street, and executed him in a brutal way near Al-Samsom School in al-Saila area and then fled,” sources said.

The execution of al-Rukbi came against the backdrop of the ongoing disputes between residents of the two neighborhoods, the sources added.

The armed confrontations between al-Mahariq and al-Saila neighborhoods in the city of Aden over the past two weeks resulted in the killing of 6 citizens and wounding of 11 others amid silence of the security services of Hadi’s government.