YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi forces creates oil derivatives crisis in al-Mahrah

Al-MAHRAH, June 24 (YPA) – Local sources said that Al-Mahrah province in East of Yemen has seen a suffocating crisis in the oil derivatives because of the Saudi occupation forces and its militias.

The sources explained that the crisis came in the light of the siege has been imposed by the armed groups backed by the Saudi occupation in the province since 2017.

The crisis caused the power switching off in city of al-Ghaydhah, the capital of the province and a number of districts.

The sources revealed that the proceeds of oil derivatives are collected and looted by for the relatives of the governor of the province Rajih Bakrit appointed by Saudi-backed resigned Hadi.

The Saudi occupation seeks to create a crisis in various basic services in the province in an attempt to subjugate citizens and stop the protest rallies against Saudi Arabia and its militias.

Residents of the province have been holding dozens of protest rallies since 2017 to demand the Saudi occupation forces to leave the province.

Ali Ahsan