YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia announces fake projects to ease criticism

SANAA, May 6 (YPA) – After more than four years of its war against Yemen with the coalition countries, Saudi Arabia is trying to improve its position in the country by announcing mock projects.

The war, led by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, has caused a major humanitarian crisis that has afflicted the Yemeni people. The war is still ongoing, while the voices from inside Yemen and from all countries of the world call for stopping it.

Midi city, located in the province of Hajjah and close to the border with Saudi Arabia in western Yemen, has seen extensive destruction like other areas and cities that witnessed direct confrontations and intense shelling, but Midi was more destroyed until it became a ghost town.

Saudi officials have recently announced strategic projects worth more than $ 7 million, amid widespread criticism.

Activists say “Saudi Arabia is destroying hundreds of projects in return for announcing a project or two, only in accordance with its objectives and interests.”

Despite assurances from officials that Midi was safe, a Saudi TV team’s attempt to broadcast the projects announcement ceremony was met with opposition by journalists who warned that the move could expose their location and drive them as bait for the Yemeni army missiles.

The announcement of these projects coincides with the continuation of a campaign launched by activists under Hashtaj #Win_Falous (Where is money?) to demand the organizations that say they receive funding from Saudi Arabia to implement projects in Yemen to be transparent and increase community oversight over the performance of organizations operating in Yemen, in light of increasing poverty and disease.

A study conducted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has showed that economic losses reached $ 88.8 billion this year because of the conflict, and will continue to rise as long as the war continues.

“Even if peace is to come tomorrow, Yemen may need decades to return to pre-conflict levels of growth,” UNDP Resident Representative in Yemen Auke Lootsma said.