YEMEN Press Agency

Oil company aims to eliminate all aspects of black market

SANAA, April 15 (YPA) – The oil company aims to eliminate the manifestations of the black market through the campaign carried out in all cities and main lines and sub-citizens so as not to be blackmail by black market traders, the official spokesman of the oil company Amin al-Shobati said in a statement to Yemen Press Agency on Monday.
Al-Shobati added that the campaign aims to prevent the extraction of oil derivatives from the stations in twisted ways by mobilizing cars and then unloading and selling to citizens in the black market and stay in cars for direct use.
He explained that many of the smuggled oil derivatives sold in the black market are not in conformity with specifications and standards.
The oil company announced on Monday the launching of a campaign to control and combat the manifestations of the black market in the capital Sana’a and all the provinces of the Republic.