YEMEN Press Agency

Raising 45,000 citizens from dangers of landmines, cluster bombs start in Jawf

JAWF, April 15 (YPA) – The Executive Center for Mine Action, in cooperation with the Office of Social Affairs and Labor of Jawf province, organized on Monday an awareness-raising activity that lasted more than 40 days to raise awareness of the dangers of landmines, cluster bombs, war debris and raids, with the support of UNICEF.
The first phase, under the banner of the basic awareness message to educate citizens, aims to sensitize more than 45,000 citizens in Moton, Zaher, Mutama, Al Marashi, Al Anan, Rajouza, Khab-washa’af districts to avoid dangerous places and avoid touching or tampering with foreign objects.
41 trainers participate in the implementation of the awareness activity, with 5 trainers in each district.
The Executive Center for Mine Action called on citizens to inform police stations about suspicious objects.