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UAE bans importing commercial goods through Aden port

ADEN, Feb. 25 (YPA) - United Arab Emirates Occupation Department in Yemen’s southern province of Aden issued a circular on Friday banning commercial companies to import a number of commercial goods, a local official told Yemen Press Agency.…

UAE occupation forces seized gold mines in Yemen’s Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, Feb. 21 (YPA) – The United Arab Emirate occupation forces have occupied Natsheh mines, the largest gold mines in the Arabian Peninsula, which are located in the desert of the Yemeni southeast province of  Hadramout , security…

Yemeni migrants complain over new Saudi expat fees

SANAA, Feb. 14 (YPA) – The Yemeni community in Saudi Arabia has complained about new monthly fees that were imposed by Saudi government on expatriates for each of their dependents, saying it will have an adverse impact on their living.