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Report: Yemen Army inflicted Saudi troops heavy losses over Saturday


SANAA, Apr.1 (YPA) – Yemen army has launched military operations, including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks on sites of US-backed Saudi-led coalition and its militias, inflicting them heavy losses over the past 24 hours, according to army media reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Sunday.

·         Saudi aggression media admitted the killing of 5 soldiers in clashes with the army in border fronts line.


·         In Saudi border province of Najran:

A ballistic missile, Bader-1, was fired toward  Saudi National Guard Camp.

Artillery shelling targeted militias’ sites in Boqea desert in front of Najran.

Artillery and missile shelling were fired toward Sudais, Nahuga, Shabaka, Makhroq-alsaghir and Makhroq al-Kabir  sites.

A Saudi soldier was shot dead in Shabaka site.

A military vehicle was destroyed by an explosive device in Sudais site.


·         In Asir border Saudi province:

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers and a military vehicle was destroyed by an explosive device in Hadad site.

Two Saudi-backed militias were shot dead  in front of Alab crossing.

Saudi soldiers and militias’ gatherings were shelled by artillery in Rabuaa city and in front of Alab crossing.


·         In Jizan border province:

Katyusha rockets were fired toward Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Zuqaila camp.

A military bulldozer was smashed by a guided missile in Amud site.

Six Saudi soldiers were gunned down in Haskul site.


·         In Hajjah province:

Four of militias, including a leader, were killed by the fires of Yemen army in Medi front.

Artillery shelling targeted militias’ gatherings in the north of Medi desert.

A large-scale advance of Saudi soldiers and their militias was repelled in the customs of Haradh district, killing, wounding dozens and destroying four military vehicles by explosive devices and guided rockets.


·         In Lahj province:

Four militias were shot dead in Karsh front.

A militias’ infiltration toward Yemen army’s sites was foiled in Qubaita, killing and wounding dozens on the militias.


·         In Taiz province:

Yemen army attacked militias’ sites in Hamir front , killing and wounding many of militias.

Two of militias were gunned down in Jahmaliah and another in Dhabab.

A military vehicle, loaded of militias, was destroyed by an explosive device in west coast front, killing all its crew.


·         In Yemen province of Jawf:

An offensive operation was carried out on militias’ sites in Shawaq valley, killing and wounding many.

8 of militias were shot dead in Shawaq valley.

25 of Saudi-backed militias were gunned down in Ghail  and Mutun districts.


Sameera Hassn