YEMEN Press Agency

30 coalition airstrikes hit several provinces

SANAA, March 31 (YPA) – Saudi-led coalition fighter jets on Saturday waged 30 strikes, dropping six cluster bombs on residential area in several Yemeni provinces, killing and injuring dozens of the citizens, a security  official told Yemen  Press Agency.

In Saada, the warplanes waged three strikes al-Dhaher and Hydan districts, killing two child and injuring four others citizens.

In Hajjah, the combat jets launched 14 strikes on al-Jar farms in Abbs district, using six cluster bombs.

In Lahj, the fighter jets waged five air raids on Karash district.

In Hodiedah, the air forces waged seven strikes on al-Jarahi and Hias districts.

In  Marib, the air forces of the coalition hit Serwah district two times.

Meanwhile, a citizen was wounded when the Saudi-led coalition fired artillery and missile toward various areas of Razih and Monabah districts of Saada province, inflicting heavy damage to the citizens’ houses and properties.