YEMEN Press Agency

Daesh declares Islamic Emirate in Bayda

BAYDA, March 31 (YPA) – Troops loyal to Saudi-led coalition withdrew suddenly from Qaifa area after clashes with Yemeni army, handing over the area to Daesh organization’s militants in Bayda province, according to local sources.

The terrorist organization erected several checkpoints on the road to Yakla area of the district, rising its banners under the name of “Islamic Yakla Emirate” at entrances of the area.

In October 2017, US air force carried out many drone strikes on various areas of Bayda province, and attacked Yakla area with support of 20 military vehicles provided by the coalition forces in Marib province.

The US military operation resulted in the killing of al-Qaeda leader in the province, Abduraoof Al-Thahb, along with several women and children in the area.

An American soldier was killed, another wounded, and a US military plane crashed during the operation, According to Pentagon.