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$ 115 mln losses in Sanaa’s agricultural sector due to war on Yemen: Official

SANAA, March 31 (YPA) – The losses of the agricultural sector in Sanaa province, during three years of the aggression war and unjust siege on Yemen, have amounted to more than 115 million dollars.

Hundreds of hectares of agricultural land known for growing (grapes – fruits – vegetables – coffee – mango – banana) have been damaged as a result of the inability of farmers to irrigate because of severe shortage of oil derivatives due to the siege imposed on the country, said Mohammed al-Daba, head of the agriculture and irrigation office in the province.

The Saudi-led coalition’s bombing caused damage to a number of dams, water barriers and artesian excavators and destroyed dozens of water wells and pumps in districts of Bani Matar, Bani Hashish and Sanhan, as well as dozens of agricultural equipment and poultry farms in Sanhan and Bani Bahloul districts.

Al-Daba said the coalition’s airstrikes caused damage to hundreds of hectares of agricultural land, and grape trees were uprooted in the districts of Bani Hashish, Kholan, Sanhan and Hamdan.

Farms of grain, legumes, coffee and almonds, which produce tens of thousands of tons annually, in Bani Matar district as well as fruits farms were destructed, he added.
The coalition’s warplanes targeted almond farms in Kholan Tayal district, peach and plum plantations at Hamdan district and plantations of high quality coffee in Alhayma Al-Dakhelya district of the province.

Hundreds of hectares of various vegetable farms in Sanhan, Bilad Al Ross and Bani Matar districts were spoiled as a result of water scarcity, which caused losses estimated at billions of riyals.