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Saudi: Ansar Allah fire 104 ballistic missiles toward us !!



RIYADH, Mar.31 (YAP) – In a frank acknowledgment of the failure of the coalition in its aggression on Yemen and suffered heavy losses, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was subjected to an unprecedented number of ballistic missiles launched by the movement of Ansar Allah, The coalition spokesman ,Turki al-Maliki, told the Middle East daily on Friday.


“The Houthis have so far fired 104 ballistic missiles with the support of Iran and with this number of missiles, Saudi Arabia has become the world’s most exposed to ballistic missiles,” al-Maliki added.


“Four densely populated cities within one country have been targeted at one time in a rare incident in military history,” the spokesman said, referring to the firing of seven ballistic missiles by the Ansar Allah on Sunday (March 25th) targeting the cities of Riyadh, Khamis Mushait, Najran and Jazan.

Maliki said that “87% of the ballistic missiles fired at Saudi Arabia came from inside Saada or north of Amran.”


Sameera Hassn