YEMEN Press Agency

Army fires 2 missiles, attacks coalition’s sites in Asir, Jizan, Najran

ASIR, March 6 (YPA) – The Yemen army carried out military operations, including missile and artillery attacks,  against coalition’s forces on Tuesday in Asir, Jizan and Najran border provinces, military officials told Yemen Press Agency.

In Asir, the rocketry forces of army fired two Zilzal -1 missiles at gatherings of coalition-backed militias in front of Alb border crossing, causing direct casualties.

In Jizan, the army controlled sites several sites of the coalition’s militias by carrying an offensive in front of Qais mount, killing and injuring dozens of the enemy.

In Najran, the army’s artillery shelled gatherings of coalition’s militias in front of Khadhraa border crossing and Boqea desert, inflicting the enemy heavy losses.


Sameera Hassn