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Aden Governor reveals implications of British Foreign Secretary’s remarks from Aden port

SANAA, March 6 (YPA) – Governor of Aden Tariq Mustafa Sallam has described British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s remarks, during his visit to the province of Aden this week, as an attempt to obstruct the peace process.

Sallam noted that Hunt’s remarks confirm the seriousness of the conspiracy hatched by “the forces of the aggression, which Britain is one of its pillars, against the country.”

“The Yemeni people reject all forms of guardianship and dependence,” Sallam stressed.

He added in a press statement that Hunt’s remarks from Aden comes “to reassure the legitimacy of the defeated Hadi” after Britain’s invitation to Aidarous al-Zubaidi, head of the so-called “the southern transitional council” to visit Britain.

The governor pointed to several indications of the emergence of British Foreign Minister in Aden wearing a protective vest, including that it is “a definitive evidence of the failure of the UAE occupation and its tools to secure the province.”

Sallam said that the emergence of the British Foreign Secretary in the port of Aden carries indications and messages confirm that Britain is seeking to restore its glory and repeat the same scenario and the old plan to control the international waterway of Bab al-Mandab, confiscate sovereignty, loot wealth, and occupy the Yemeni islands and turn them into military bases to exercise influence and hegemony.