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Yemen army missile forces step up attacks on coalition forces

SANAA, March 24 (YPA) – The Yemeni army rocketry forces stepped up attacks on enemy coalition forces and their militants over the past 24 hours, a military official told Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.

In border Jizan, the rocket units of the army fired a ballistic missile ,Badr 1, on Saudi military camp of Saudi Special Forces and fired Katyusha rockets on al-Abadih site and al-Quza camp.

In Asir, the army fired a ,Zilzal 2,ballistic missile, with an artillery shelling on military sites in Qama’h al-Sheikh and Alib crossing point.

In Najran, the army’ missiles fired toward Saudi soldiers’ groups and allied militants in military sites of Raqabat Salah, al-Shabakah, al-Makhruqa, al-Dhabah, Rajla Talah, al-Ashajar desert, Rasha and al-Khadra crossing point.

Separately, the army waged an artillery shelling on sites of coalition militants in Sadah site in al-Maslub and Khab Washaf districts of Jawf province, killing and wounding dozens and bombing an allied military vehicle.

In Lahj, the artillery of the army shelled gatherings of militants in al-Jawaza area of Tawr al-Bahah district.


Ali Ahsan/zak