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National delegation presents more initiatives to settle prisoners’ file

SANAA, Feb. 6 (YPA) – Chief of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs Abdul-Qader al-Mortada on Wednesday said that parties – he did not name – within the aggression forces are hindering the principle of the prisoner exchange agreement on the basis of all versus all.

In remarks to Almasira TV channel, al-Mortada explained that Sanaa delegation had informed the United Nations about its willingness to engage in a relative exchange after the aggression forces complicated the total exchange of the two parties’ prisoners.

“The party of Riyadh delegation has not responded to the proposal of Sanaa delegation yet, and we are still in intensive meetings”, he said.

At the same time that Sanaa delegation told the United Nations that it is ready to release 10 prisoners from the list of the other party, al-Mortada added.

In the same context, al-Mortada said that the bodies committee held a meeting on Wednesday with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the absence of representatives of the other party, during which a mechanism for implementing the bodies exchange was discussed.

Informed sources said that the delegation of Sanaa presented on Tuesday a proposal for the exchange of 400 prisoners between the two parties in order to show good faith, while media websites affiliated to Saudi-led coalition stated that the delegation of “Riyadh” rejected the proposal.

It is noteworthy that the coalition countries have been observed more than once during clear obstructing acts to the prisoner exchange process, the last of which was the issuance of instructions by Saudi Arabia to the delegate of the so-called “legitimacy” not to sign the exchange agreement in the last minute before the start of talks in Sweden last December.