YEMEN Press Agency

Koshar tribes reach truce

HAJJAH, Feb. 3 (YPA) – Tribes and sheikhs of Koshar district in Hajjah province reached on Sunday a truce.

The truce came during a tribal meeting held by Hajjah governor Hilal al-Soufai and several sheikhs of the province.

During the meeting, the governor touched upon the truce signed by the sheikhs to confirm on their keenness to consolidate and maintain the security and stability the province.

The participants stressed on the importance of standing united to confront the Saudi-led coalition and its plots that target the Yemeni people.

The meeting affirmed that the agreement is a slap and an disappointment in the face of the coalition forces and its militias who bet on shedding the blood of the Yemeni people.. stressing that the state will support all efforts to resolve all tribal problems.

Ali Ahsan