YEMEN Press Agency

Health Ministry official: Coalition uses internationally banned weapons in Yemen

SANAA, Feb. 2 (YPA) – An official in Ministry of Public Health and Population said that the coalition forces used Biological weapons during the past four years of the war on Yemen.

The official said in a telephone call to Yemen Press Agency that there are a number of diseases and epidemics that emerged during the years of coalition’s war such as cholera, diphtheria and others, and is the biggest evidence of the crimes of the coalition countries and the emergence of every new disease is a damning condemnation of those countries involved in the killing of innocent people and civilians.

The official added that the countries of coalition used all weapons internationally prohibited in the killing of women and children in Yemen, like the Atan and Noqem bombs which are only one of dozens of genocide that Yemenis have been subjected to by coalition states.


Sameera Hassn