YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen army wages 3 offensives on militias’ sites in Jawf, Taiz


JAWF,  Mar.  18 (YPA) – Yemen army on Sunday carried out three military offensive operations on sites of Saudi-backed militias in Yemen provinces of Jawf and Taiz,  a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Jawf province, an unique operation was carried out on the sites of militias in Khanjer area of khub-washaaf district,  inflicted the militias heavy losses.

Also in Jawf, another offensive was carried out on the militias’ sites in Baydhaa hill of Maslub district, killing and wounding dozen, and the army also destroyed a military vehicle by an explosive device.

In Taiz province, the Yemen army waged an offensive operation on coalition militias’ sites south of Khaled camp in Mowazea district, killing and wounding dozens of the militias.

During the past hours, the Yemen army carried out  military operations on Saudi-led coalition militias’ sites in Taiz and Jawf.


Sameera Hassn