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John Hopkins University students protest against US complicity in Saudi war crimes in Yemen

SANAA, March. 15 (YPA) – Students stormed the stage and held banners as former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power gave a speech at John Hopkins University. The protesters condemned her involvement in the US decision to back the war in Yemen, according to RT.

Power, who served as UN ambassador from 2013-2017, was speaking at the Baltimore campus on Tuesday when a group of students interrupted her speech.

The protesters held up banners reading, ‘Samantha Empowers Genocide in Yemen’ and, ‘It’s still Genocide when US allies do it.’

“Today we’re talking about a country where almost 18 million people need some sort of humanitarian aid – be it medical aid, access to food, access to proper clean water. This is a situation right now,” Ralph El Hage, ICRC Public Relations for the Near and Middle East, previously told RT about the ongoing crisis.

“Unfortunately, food and medicine prices have really increased to an unattainable extent, where people are unable to buy their basic necessities. This was primarily due to the blockade that was imposed on the country”, he added.

Saudi Arabia’s intervention, including the bombing of civilian targets, has been roundly criticized by humanitarian organizations.

The UK has also been condemned for supplying Riyadh with advanced weaponry which have been used on Yemenis.

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