YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition warplanes wage 38 air strikes on several Yemeni province

SANAA, March. 14 (YPA)- Saudi-led coalition warplanes  continued  its air strikes on several Yemeni provinces over the past 24 hours, leaving civilians casualties and damaging their  properties, according to a report combined by Yemen Press Agency on Wednesday.

In Sanaa, the coalition air forces launched three air raids on al-Arra’a, in the north of the capital Sanaa.

In Jawf, the Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out four airstrikes on several on areas of the al-Maslob district and five air strikes on Khub Washaef district.

In Dhamar, Coalition fighter jets waged two air strikes targeting the police institute in the city of the province.

In Taiz, US- Saudi led coalition warplanes conducted one air strike on Mawza’a district.

In Marib, two air strikes were waged on Sirwah district by Saudi-led coalition warplanes.

In Lahj, the Saudi-led coalition air forces carried out an air strike on Khbob district.

In Sa’ada, on Monday, coalition warplanes carried out more than 26 air strikes on a number of Yemeni provinces, leaving a number of citizens injured and destroyed their houses.

Three citizens were injured, including a woman and her two children in coalition airstrikes on Razih, which led to the destruction of the House .

Moreover, Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched four air strikes on Adyaq district,Wadi Al-Abu Jabbara, and Farae areas in Kitaf district.

In the Red Sea Port of Hodeidah , the coalition fighters jets carried out two raids on al-Morshdyah farm in Zabeed district, tow others air strikes on al-Jarahi district.

In Hajjah province, six raids were launched on Medi by the coalition’s warplanes.