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Hadi’s delegation demands release of prisoners from al-Qaeda, Daesh

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 11 (YPA) – Prisoners lists submitted by Hadi’s Saudi-backed delegation to Yemeni consultations in Sweden included names of detainees had been arrested for involvement in terrorist acts during the period of Hadi’s rule.

A few days after the United Nations-sponsored consultations began between the Yemeni national delegation and Hadi’s delegation in Swedish capital Stockholm, the two delegations announced that they had exchanged lists of some 15,000 prisoners in preparation for the implementation of a prisoner swap agreement between the two sides.

The national delegation’s prisoner lists contained 7,000 names, while the Saudi-backed delegation’s lists contained 8,500 names, including names of prisoners and detainees form al-Qaeda and Daesh groups, according to sources close to the consultations.

A political source said that the prisoner exchange agreement would be implemented within 45 days. He explained that the two delegations have two weeks to study the files and verify names of the concerned persons, a third week to submit observations, and a fourth week to respond to remarks of the other party.