YEMEN Press Agency

Report: 6 children, old man injured in Saudi bombardment on Saada

SAADA, March 10 (YPA) – At least Six children and an old man were seriously injured on Saturday in Saudi-led airstrikes and an artillery and missile bombing on Saada province, a security official told Yemen Press Agency.

The Saudi-led coalition waged five airstrikes on separate areas of Baqim district, one of them hit a popular market in the district, which led to the injuring of two children and their grandfather.

Three others children were wounded due a Saudi missile bombing on citizens’ houses in Dhahir district, while another child was injured in Razih district after a Saudi missile and artillery bombardment on various areas of the district.

The bombardment left large damage in citizens’ homes and property.

Three airstrikes hit Azhour area and another one struck Qad area in Razih district, while the Saudi army bombed Ghor area of the border district of Ghamr with missiles and artillery shells.