YEMEN Press Agency

Southern tribe cuts off road, facing UAE-backed forces in Abyan

ABYAN, March 8 (YPA) – Bakazim tribe of Abyan province, southern Yemen, on Thursday cut off the road in the district of Ahwar and held government vehicles, a local source told Yemen Press agency.
The move came after the death of a man belonging to the tribe under torture by forces of the so-called security belt, which are backed by UAE and stationed in Shoqra area of Abyan province.
Earlier in this week, soldiers of the security belt had arrested and tortured a member of the tribe until he died, which pushed the tribe to attack the security belt forces, killing a soldier and wounding seven others from both sides.
Meanwhile, Abyan province witnesses a severe tension between the tribes of Bakazim (al-Maraqisha) and the security belt forces, which is likely to develop in the coming days.