YEMEN Press Agency

UAE occupation authorities expel people of Socotra to Africa


SOCOTRA, March 8 (YPA) – In a new and very dangerous stage in its colonial plan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation forces banished on Thursday hundreds of the people of Socotra Island to the Horn of Africa,.

According to Yemeni Press Agency’s reporter on the island of Socotra, the UAE expelled hundreds of the island’s people, while took dozens of them to its prisons and secret detention that established on the island.

The move came after the UAE occupation state has imposed its currency and national anthem in the Yemeni island.

Former security officers at Socotra Airport revealed that the UAE occupation authorities have been smuggling rare animals and trees and environmental wealth from the island to Abu Dhabi.

The UAE has occupied the island of Socotra for nearly two and a half years under the pretext of charity and humanitarian work.