YEMEN Press Agency

18 airstrikes of coalition hit 4 Yemeni provinces

SANAA, March 6 (YPA) – Saudi-led coalition’ fighter jets waged on Tuesday 18 raids on civilians’ homes and property in four Yemeni provinces, a security official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Saada province, six raids targeted Al-Qad, Al-Azhoor, Borkan and Bani Maain areas of border Razeh district, while three others hit Haidan district.

Moreover, a Saudi missile and artillery shelling targeted separate border areas of Razeh, Ghamr and Monabih districts, leaving large damage in citizens’ property and houses.

In Hodaida province, the coalition warplanes waged two raids on a civilian’s farm in Al-Swaiq area of Tuhaita district, and two others hit a factory for oils manufacturing in Al-Mraweaa district.

In Sanaa province, four airstrikes hit Nehm district.

In Marib province, a raid of the coalition targeted Serwah district.