YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi occupation forces establish military points in Yemen’s Mahrah

MAHRAH, Nov. 14 (YPA) – The Saudi occupation forces have established a number of military points in Yemen’s Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

According to a local source, the occupation forces set up military checkpoints on Tuesday, on the main road which lead to Nashton seaport in the western part of Al’anfaq which is a flagrant violation of the national sovereignty of Mahrah and its people.

Local residents gathered to the recently established military point, in an attempt to prevent the Saudi occupation to leave the area, as the point belongs to the local security services in the province, and there is no reason for the presence of a Saudi-funded militia in the area, one of the sources said.

The sources stressed that Mahrah’s tribes are moving against the occupation presence in the region.

They aloes expressed their absolute rejection of any Saudi military development outside the formal agreements in accordance with the laws and the Yemeni constitution.