YEMEN Press Agency

37 Saudi-led coalition airstrikes leave civilians casualties

SANAA, March. 4 (YPA) – the Saudi-led coalition warplanes waged 37 air strikes targeting the citizens and theirs properties, according to a report combined by Yemen Press Agency on Saturday .

In Taiz, three women were killed when Saudi –led coalition airstrikes hit al-Arish area in Mauza district, and launching an air raid on northeast Khalid camp.

In Hajjah, the coalition fighter jets launched 18 airstrikes on Harad and Midi districts.

In Marib, 4 air raids were waged on Sirwah district.

In Saada, the Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out 13 air strikes on kitaf , 2 airstrikes on a farm in Baqim , and 2 air raids on al-Zaher district.

Meanwhile, the border areas were under the bombardments of  Saudi artillery shelling and rockets, leaving huge damages to the citizens’ farms and their properties.