YEMEN Press Agency

FM meets WFP official

SANAA, Nov. 12 (YPA) – Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf on Monday met with the Executive Director of the World Food Program, David Paisley, who is currently visiting Yemen to review the worsening humanitarian situation as a result of Saudi-led coalition war.

The meeting touched upon the dangers and repercussions of the escalation of coalition in Hodeidah province which target citizens and vital installations and threat to target the port of Hodeidah, the lifeline of food and medicine, as well as the Red Sea mills that would create waves of displacement and  double the burden and suffering of Yemenis.

Sharaf expressed the hope that this visit will have the results of steps and measures to alleviated  the suffering of more than 18 million people affected by aggression in various aspects of life.

Sharaf pointed out that this visit represents a call for peace and motivates the international community to take the necessary action to start the process of political settlement.

Paisley stressed the keenness of the World Food Program to provide all possible assistance to the Yemeni people to alleviate the unprecedented suffering.

Paisley also stressed on the need to ensure the continuation and redoubling of efforts and appeal to the world to increase its support for the World Food Program in Yemen, stressing that the end of human suffering in Yemen comes only through peaceful methods.

Sameera Hassn