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Report: Civilian killed, 6 injured in Saudi-led attacks over 24 hours 

SANAA, Nov. 12 (YPA) – At least a civilian was killed and six were injured when the US-backed Saudi-led coalition launched air and ground attacks on several provinces of Yemen during the past 24 hours, according to reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Monday.

  • In Hodeidah province:

A civilian was killed and six others injured in airstrikes on a home in Halqa area of Hali district.

Civilians were killed and injured when the coalition targeted a car in Hali district.

Numbers of houses were damaged by coalition’s artillery shells in Mahwat area of Howk district.

Missile, artillery and air attacks targeted  residential areas in Khamsin.

Three airstrikes hit Kilo_16 area.

  • In  Saada province:

Three airstrikes hit Azhur area of Razih district.

Two airstrikes were waged on Hajlah and Aal-Ali areas of Razih district.

Two airstrikes hit Qad area of Razih district.

Meanwhile, missile and artillery shells targeted civilians’ homes and farms in Shada border district.

  • In Amran province:

An airstrike waswaged on Harf-Sufian district.


Sameera Hassn