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Norway stops exporting arms to Saudi Arabia

SANAA, Nov. 10 (YPA) – Norway announced the suspension of issuing new licenses to export arms to Saudi Arabia following the disclosure of war crimes against Yemen, according to a statement issued by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

in the statement, the Norwegian Foreign Minister “Ine Ericksen Suridi” said that her country decided in the current situation not to issue new licenses for defensive or multi-purpose materials for military use of Saudi Arabia.

Norway’s announcement came a week after the foreign minister was summoned to the Saudi ambassador in Oslo to protest Khashoggi’s assassination.

The statement said the decision to stop the licenses came after a broad assessment of recent developments in Saudi Arabia and the ambiguous position in the war on Yemen.

On October, Germany announced the suspension of German arms exports to Saudi Arabia until the circumstances of Khashoggi’s death were explained.