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Activists accuse Islah Party of killing Sheikh Bin Somait in Hadramout

SANAA, March. 3 (YPA) – Southern activists accused the Islah party (Muslim Brotherhood) of murdering Sheikh Bin Somait in Hadramout province, eastern Yemen, on Friday.

According to the activists, Bin Somait’s came against the backdrop of the conflict between the party and the UAE occupation forces in the south of Yemen.

The political conflict had imposed its self on the religious clerics, and then went on to reach to moderate scholars, who had kept themselves away of politics.

Aden province was the starting point, where many assassinations of mosque imams took place and then shifted to Tarim city of Hadramaut province, targeting the mystical scholars (Sufi sect) in Yemen.

The assassination of Sheikh Bin Somait in the city of Tarim is a dangerous development in the city, whose people have been known for adhering to moderation and rejecting the manifestations of extremism and fanaticism in religion.

A number of political activists on social media have accused al-Qaeda organization of murdering Bin Somait, while other sources went on to accuse the Salafist group of the killing because they see Sufi sect as a group with a deviant and misguided thought.