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Report: Yemen army inflicted Saudi troops heavy losses over Friday


SANAA, Mar. 3 (YPA) – Yemen army has inflicted Saudi-led coalition troops and its militias heavy losses during military operation including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks, in coalition sites and its gatherings over Friday, according to army media reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.


·         In Jizan border province:

Artillery shelling targeted Saudi soldiers and militias’ gatherings in Agabah mountains camp and Hamidhah village.

A Saudi military vehicle was destroyed by 50 caliber” sniper gun in Qewa village.



·         In the border province of Najran:

RBG shells were fired toward Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Sudais site.

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of Saudi-backed militias in Boqea desert.


·         In Asir border province:

A Saudi soldier was shot dead in Qashbah censorship.

Saudi soldiers’ gatherings were shelled by artillery in Qashabah.


·         In Yemen province of Jawf:

Three military vehicles were destroyed in an unique ambush carrier out by engineering unit of Yemen army in Sabrin front of Khub-washaaf district, killing all their crews.

Militias’ gatherings were targeted by artillery in Mahamesha area of Khub-washaaf district.

A surprise offensive was waged on militias’ sites in Haijah of Maslob district, killing and wounding dozens.

A Katyusha rocket were fired toward gatherings of militias in Khangar camp of Khub-washaaf district.



·         In Taiz province:

The army carried out an offensive operation on militias’ sites in the front of western coast, inflicted the militias heavy causalities.

10 of militias killed when the army destroyed their military armored in the coast.


·         In Dhalea province:

An offensive operation were carried out on Yais and Haivi village of Murais district, killing and wounding dozens.


·         In Lahj province:

The army attacked Saudi-backed militias’ sites in costume hill and nearby hills in Tawr-Bahaa, killing and wounding many.


·         In Hajjah province:

The Sniper unit of Yemen army shot dead three of Saudi-backed militias in northern Medi desert.

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of militias in the north of Medi desert.


Sameera Hassn