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40 officers, soldiers killed by coalition airstrikes in Marib

MARIB, March. 2 (YPA) – According to media and official  loyal to Saudi-backed resigned president Hadi at least 40 officers and soldiers were killed in coalition air strikes on their sites in Yemeni province of Marib.

The targeted officers and soldiers were belong to Islah political Party that fighting with Hadi,

The official, Abbas al-Dhalai, who belongs to Islah party, posted on his Twitter page that the officers and soldiers were deliberately killed by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates’ forces in Serwah district, which aims at the conflict among two the two allied states.

The Yemeni activist, Tawakul Kerman, said on her Face book page toward the resigned president, “Your legitimacy has only become a tool for enabling the UAE occupation and Saudi Arabia hegemony over the country, following your submission to the state of detention and house arrest”.