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Yemeni army carries out fierce attacks against Saudi-led coalition militants in battle fronts

SANAA, March. 2 (YPA) – The Yemeni army waged fierce attacks against sites of Saudi-led coalition militants in several Yemeni provinces in the battle front lines, killing and injuring dozens, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In western coast, the army waged attack on sites and gatherings of coalition militias and destroying a military vehicle, killing and injuring dozens of militants.

In Jawf, units of the army carried out sites of the allied militants in al-Hashamih area of Khab Washaf, al-Maslub districts, killing and wounding several of them .

Also in Jawf, the army fired Katyusha rockets toward groups of militias loyal to coalition in al-Khanjar camp in Khab Washaf, causing heavy casualties.

In Dhalea, tens of the militants were killed and wounded when the army waged offensive on Yais and L-Hifay villages in Moris district.

In Lahj, the army launched a military operation against sites of the coalition militias in al-Jamarak hilltop and Tawr al-Baha area, killing, wounding tens and destroying their military equipment, the official added.

Ali Ahsan