YEMEN Press Agency

10 Civilians killed, wounded in coalition’s airstrikes on Saada

SAADA, Feb. 27 (YPA) – Saudi-led coalition fighter jets waged on Tuesday an airstrike on a house of citizen in Sahar district of Yemen’s northern province of Saada, which resulted in several of civilian casualties, a security official told Yemen Press Agency.
The airstrike hit the citizen’s home in Hafsain area of Sahar district.
The fighter jets resumed hitting the same district, targeting rescuers, who rushed to save the victims, bringing the victims’ number to 10 dead and wounded, in an initial toll.
The death toll is likely to increase because of the serious injuries, the official said.
Al-Maseera TV channel’s crew, who was covering the rescuing operation, survived the attack, the official added.
Moreover, the coalition warplanes waged two raids on Al-Azhoor and Shuaaib areas of Razeh district, and another one on an arboretum of the agriculture office in Al-Anad area of Sahar district.
A Saudi missile and artillery shelling targeted Al-Boqaa and Al-Ashaikh areas in the border district of Monabah, damaging citizens’ property and homes.