YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition’s wounded militias complain of humiliation

MARIB, Feb. 26 (YPA) – Thousands of wounded people of Saudi-led coalition militias are feeling humiliated and totally incapable to change their miserable life.

There are about 30,000 wounded, some of them took to the streets in Marib city to protest against the humiliation they suffer, including expelling from hospitals and interrupting their medicines and special dues.

For more than a week, Yemen’s central province of Marib witnessed repeated protests of war-wounded militias against their leaders who misled them to fight in the coalition’s ranks against Yemen.

Since two years, the alliance does not give a damn to demands of its loyal wounded who fought in its ranks. The coalition used them as a fuel for the war against Yemen.

Now, they are on the streets’ pavements which overlooking on their commanders’ gates, who guided them to a miserable fate, after they have been living bitterly for many months and some of them for more than two years.