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Deadly clashes erupt between Tribesmen and UAE-backed militants in Marib

MARIB, Oct. 15 (YPA) – Deadly clashes erupted in Wadi Abeida district in  Yemen’s Marib province between Damashka tribesmen and UAE-backed militants when an Emeriti officers tried to pass a checking point towards the third military region camp on Monday, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The sources said that tribesmen in Abeida are on high alert due to the killing of two o Sheikh’s sons its people during clashes with the Emirati officers ‘ convoy, which also injured two Emirati officers.

The shooting was initiated by the convoy of Emirati officers, which provoked the wrath of al-Damashka and on the basis of which the sons of Abeida were called to declare mobilization to take revenge of the killers.